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  Parts Lists/BOMs - .XLS Files

These are parts lists with our SKU numbers for builds that people have asked about. Many are generic, meaning that I don't/can't guarantee absolute correlation with every schem that you might encounter. I have done my best to include notes that will help with shopping, and comments and suggestions are welcome.


 AD-3208 Delay Aion Refractor Aion Solstice AlembicStratoblaster
  AMZ Mini-Muff AMZ MOSFET Boost AMZ Overdr Pro AMZBoost2_5


Anderton Trem
  BajaRealTube Bear Face BeeBaa (GEO) Big Cheese (GEO)

Big Daddy (ROG)

  Big Muff Black Cat OD
  Blue Box Blue Clipper Blue Collar Blue Magic Blues Breaker
  BigMuffPiOp-Amp Bobtavia BOSSDS-1 BOSSFA-1AionPrism BOSSOD-1 Brown Sound
  BrownSound II Bug Crusher CE-2 Chorus CloneTheory Colorsound_1_Knob
  CSSupaSustain  Distort+ Tonepad DOD250 Tonepad  DOD440
  DOD280 Dr Boogie Dr Quack Double D Dumbloid
  EA Tremolo Easy Face Easy Vibe Echo Base Electra/Bazz Fuzz
  Eighteen (ROG) English Channel (ROG) Fender Blender Fetzer Valve (ROG)
  Foxx Tone Machine Funny Cat Fuzz Face Fuzzrite - Germanium Fuzzrite - Silicon
  GGGOctavia Green Ringer Guv'nor Harmonic Percolator Hog's Foot/Mole (E-H) Hornet
  Little Gem (ROG) MBeanPorkBarrel MBeanKingslayII Maestro FZ-1S (Superfuzz) MaestroFSHTonepad May Queen
  Microamp Tonepad MXREnvelFilter MXR Noise Gate NeOctavia Tonepad Neovibe Neutron
  Octavia Orange Squeezer Pancake_Hotcake Paradigm Shifter
  Peppermill (Runoffgroove) Phase 45 Tonepad Phase 90 Tonepad  Premier Guitar Dist PT-80 Delay Pulsar
  Purple Peaker  Q&D 2 Compressor (AMZ)  Rangemaster  RAT
   RAT - Rodent Rebote25 Red  Llama Rocktave Rog Mayer Octavia Ross/Dynacomp
  Ross Phaser Tonepad Ruby Amp (ROG) RubyAmpBassmn (ROG) Sam Ash/Astrotone SansAmpGT2 Scrambler
  Skippy Small Clone Small Stone Tonepad SpaceHarp
  SupreauxDeux (ROG) Three-Knob TB Tube Screamer Timmy
  TB Pro MK II Trem Face Tremulus Lune Tube Sound Fuzz Umble
  Uno Wah-Wah Zombie Chorus
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